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The Volunteer Board

The La Salle Nursery School is run by a Volunteer Board of Directors. The Board strives to provide children and families at LSNS with a safe, productive and inclusive environment for children to grow and learn. The Board also ensures that LSNS families are provided with opportunities for quality fundraising to support the programs that they offer, as well as stocking the classroom with educational supplies.

Board of Directors

President –  Kelsey Schneider

Vice President – Chelsea O'Halloran

Secretary – Alison Forcier

Treasurer – 

Fundraisers  – Kendal Berezowski & Marcus Warren


Golf Tournament Director - Kimberlee Daley

Golf Tournament Committee - Bre-Anne Lecuyer & Rick Maloney

Parent Advisory Council Rep – Kayla Ammeter

Member at Large - Cassandra Gibson

If you are interested in a position on our board, or have any inquiries, please email

A great program can only be possible with great people involved. 

Help build a great program for your children!

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